News Releases

June 19, 2017
ICCRC Acknowledges the Report From the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration   English     French

June 19, 2017
A New Path Forward to Enhance Consumer Protection and the Effective Regulation of Immigration Services   English     French

April 20, 2016
ICCRC to Launch Investigation into Immigration Consultants Who Allegedly Violate Rules of Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program   English     French

March 31, 2016
ICCRC Ends Successful 2016 Fraud Prevention Month Campaign   English     French

March 30, 2016
ICCRC To Participate at RCMP Ontario Fraud Symposium At Environment Canada Auditorium, Toronto   English     French

March 9, 2016
Regulatory Body Warns the Public to Be Vigilant of Immigration Scams   English     French

December 22, 2015
Bob Brack steps down as President & CEO     English     French

June 18, 2015
ICCRC Named New Regulator for Citizenship Consultants       English     French

March 1, 2015
ICCRC Launches Fraud Prevention Month Campaign     English     French

August 28, 2014
Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) pleased with government evaluation     English     French

June 18, 2014
Sentencing of unauthorized immigration rep       English     French

July 2, 2013
National regulator calls on public to expose immigration fraud       English     French