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The purpose of practice management education (PME) is to provide RCICs with the appropriate education, tools and resources required for competent practice to ensure consumer and public protection. All RCICs are required to take PME courses, as mandated by the Council.

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There is no cost for registering for Practice Management Education (PME) courses offered by the Council.

Note: All costs related to attending and completing PME courses in-person, such as transportation, meals and accommodation, or by real-time remote, such as the purchase of equipment, computer, or internet service, are at the expense of the RCIC.


It is the responsibility of the RCIC to register for a mandatory course.

1. When a mandatory course is launched, an RCIC must take the course before the required deadline. Deadlines and details are communicated by email, social media, and on the Council’s website. Available course dates are viewable when registering for a course.

2. Courses are delivered in-person or via real-time remote.

3. As a course is introduced, it is offered within a specified timeframe.

4. Course registration for a particular session closes seven (7) calendar days before the scheduled session.

5. After the course completion deadline has expired, available course dates are viewable when registering for a course. If courses were introduced before an RCIC joins the Council, he/she is required to complete one (1) mandatory PME course within six (6) months of becoming a member with the Council and all remaining mandatory courses within one year of becoming a member with the Council.

6. Upon successfully registering for a course, a confirmation email is sent to the RCIC.

To proceed to registration, click on a specific course below to view its description and deadlines and follow the instructions to register. 

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