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Strategic Plan



Strategic Plan

In 2015, ICCRC launched a new three-year Strategic Plan.

The new plan focuses on four high-level strategic goals to guide its direction. ICCRC continues to deliver value and action against each of these strategic priorities.


1. Consumer Protection
To protect consumers by implementing and enforcing rigorous entry-to-practice standards, ongoing professional obligations, a complaints and discipline process, and informing the public of our role and the benefits of using a regulated immigration professional.

2. Organizational Excellence
To apply the best practices in governance and operations.

3. Public Trust
Through awareness and education, achieve public trust as a respected, accountable and transparent regulator.

4. Sustainability
To be recognized by stakeholders as a fiscally and operationally sound, effective regulatory organization.


Please download our Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Please download our Strategic Plan 2015-2018